Hello and thank you for visiting my site. You might be here looking for the answer on how to teach long vowels effectively. Well, you are in luck! You have found the answer to your question.


When I first started teaching elementary school, 13 years ago, I was having a difficult time getting my students to read and understand the long vowels. It was difficult for them to understand which vowel made which sound within the word. It was even more difficult for them to write long vowel words.


After struggling to teach these concepts I went to the Internet to try and find a solution. Unfortunately, I kept coming up empty handed.


It was at this time I decided to create my own reading strategies to help my students understand the long vowels and which sound each vowel makes within the word. I created an interactive story that is very easy for a child to remember. The story takes a reading strategy and helps the reader apply it to any vowel consonant combination.


It wasn’t perfect at first, but over the years I have tweaked the reading strategies to hit the visual, audio and kinesthetic learners.


This is an amazing thing for educators for a variety of reasons.


1. Gives the reader strategies to apply to all vowel consonant combinations

2. Takes the guessing and frustration out reading

3. Proven to increase reading levels and test scores

4. Hits every type of learner: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic

5. The strategies are interactive to help the readers understand and remember the rules

6. Effective teaching time is just 30 minutes



The Circus Vowels Reading Strategies are extremely effective because it is they can be applied to words that are cvc consonant vowel consonant, cvvc, cvcv, and cvccvc.


The best part of the Interactive Circus Vowels Reading Strategies is that they only take 30 minutes to teach, implement, and empower new or struggling readers.


Anyone can effectively teach long vowels in 30 minutes using the Circus Vowel Reading Strategies.


For parents and teachers on a budget the book is perfect and exactly what you need to get your kids reading today.


Over the years of using the strategies I have been able to develop a mini-curriculum for teaching the long vowels quickly and effectively. The Circus Vowels mini curriculum allows the students to become interactive within the lesson, which in turn will advance their reading skills in the classroom.


It works so well that a recent survey we took from teachers that use Circus Vowels in the classroom vs teachers that do not show that at the end of the year 93.5% of students completely understand long vowels and the sounds they make in a word.


While students that are taught other methods showed only 79% of students understand. Leaving 21% of students starting second grade troubled in reading.




Jodi L. McMaster